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Will you risk it all for your appearance?

Updated: May 21, 2020

Ladies how ya'll feeling? Fellas ya'll alright? We're all in this together. I know I've learned how much I can actually handle myself when it comes to personal grooming and keeping up my physical appearance while staying safe at home. Let me tell you, it ain't much. My eyebrows are all over the place, my toes don't look as nice as they do when I go to nail salon, my hair doesn't have the same shine and luster like it does when leaving the hair salon, but it'll do in a pinch! In Virginia, barber, hair, nail, spa appointments etc. can now resume with limitations as of last Friday. However, before we rush from the safety of our homes. I want to encourage you as "your Cleaning Lady" to ask some questions when booking those appointments to get back to looking and feeling like yourself again! Ask the beauty professional if they deep cleaned and disinfected their space before re-opening to the public or if they had it cleaned professionally while closed. Wouldn't it ease your mind to know that your not risking it all just for appearance? Wouldn't you feel better sitting in the chair knowing that the shop invested in cleaning? We've been staying home and doing our part, social distancing to help stop the spread of this virus. We're more aware of the importance of cleaning and being sanitary now more than ever and the emphasis on cleaning is like never before. I do not believe by simply spraying things down with Lysol and a quick wipe is enough. Yes, it will work for daily maintenance but cannot replace deep cleaning. I believe that just like we deep clean our homes by wiping and washing the dirt and germs away, moving things, getting behind furniture, sweeping and mopping the floor, cleaning and disinfecting the bathroom among other things, should be the same way we handle our workspace, especially when open to the public. If not, harmful germs, bacteria and viruses such as Covid-19 will linger and grow and eventually make us sick. So before we simply ask if the shop is open or if there is availability on the schedule, lets also ask about a cleaning regimen so we can continue to stay well! If there is no regimen in place or if you feel it may not be enough, introduce them to "your Cleaning Lady," The Cleaning Lady,LLC. Let's continue to do our part to stop the spread of the corona virus by not only staying home, but staying clean and expecting clean to be the standard everywhere we go!

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